General Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Member Questions, WCRA Mission and Vision, Background and Organization, Glossary of Terms

Claims Reference Guide

Claims and Rehabilitation Overview, Initial Claims Reporting, Interim Claims Reporting, Injury Management Advisory Services, Settlement of Claims, Per-Occurrence Coverage, Subrogation Waivers and Recoveries, Reimbursement Request Procedures, Reimbursable and Nonreimbursable Benefits and Expenses, Intervention in Legal Proceedings or Member Claims Management

Finance Reporting and Premium Reference Guide

Important Dates, Reporting Requirements, Reinsurance Premium, Reinsurance Premium Rates, Member Exposure Base, Payroll Report Instructions, Experience Rating for Self-Insurers, Retention Limits, Self-Insurer Rating Loss Run Entry, Billing Procedures, Payment Procedures, WCRA Premium Audits, Financial Forms

Legal Documents:

  •  Reinsurance Agreement
  •  Plan of Operation
  •  State of Minnesota Governing Statutes:
    • 79.34   Creation of Reinsurance Association
    • 79.35   Duties, Responsibilities, Powers
    • 79.36   Additional Powers
    • 79.361  Post-1992 Distribution of Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association Surplus
    • 79.362  Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association Excess Surplus Distribution
    • 79.363  Distribution of Excess Surplus
    • 79.37   Board of Directors
    • 79.38   Plan of Operation
    • 79.39   Applicability of Chapter 79
    • 79.40   Premium Inclusion in Ratemaking