Type Timeframe Minnesota Statute
Report of Injury48 hours where death/serious injury; 10 days for injury disabling EE for more than 3 calendar days176.231
Report of Injury By InsurerNo Later Than 14 Days176.231
Denial of LiabilityFiled Within 14 Days176.221
TTDWithin 14 days of notice of claim176.221; 5220.2540
EEs Request for Conference30 calendar days after return to work, or 12 days if other reason; conference within 10 days 176.238 Appeal of Admin. Decision Within 60 days of decision176.239
TPDWithin 10 days of EE sending pay stub176.221; 5220.2540
Awards & OrdersPaid within 14 days unless appeal is considered, then 30 days176.221, subd. 8
Medical BillsPay no later than 30 days, unless denial sent in writing5221.0600 subd. 3
Interim Status ReportFiled within 60 days after benefits begin, and then each year5220.2540 subd. 3
Reply to Information RequestWithin 30 days176.194 subd. 3
Disability Status ReportFile to request or waive rehab. consultation: 1) within 14 days of knowledge that disability will extend beyond 13 weeks, 2) within 90 days of DOI or 3) within 14 days from request for rehabilitation5220.0110 subd. 7A
RetrainingNotify EE in writing of right to rehab within 80 weeks of benefits paid concerning the fact that retraining must be requested within first 104 weeks 176.102, subd. 11