Pre-1984 Permanent Partial Disability Schedule under Minn. Stat. §176.101.
    Member Loss     Number of Weeks
Thumb 65
First Finger 40
Second Finger 35
Third Finger 25
Fourth Finger 20
First Phalange (of thumb or any finger) 1/2 Amount for Thumb or Finger
1 1/2 or More Phalanges See Statute
Great Toe 35
Toe Other Than Great Toe 15
First Phalange of Any toe 1/2 Time Loss of Toe
1 1/2 or More Phalanges of Toe Equal to Loss of Entire Toe
Hand (not including wrist movement) 195
Hand Plus Wrist Movement 220
Arm 270
Amputation of Arm Below Elbow See Statute
Foot (not including ankle movement) 140
Foot Plus Ankle Movement 165
Leg (if prosthesis effective) 195
Leg (if prosthesis ineffective) 220
Amputation of Leg Below Knee See Statute
Eye 160
Complete & Permanent Hearing Loss - 1 Ear 85
Complete & Permanent Hearing Loss - 2 Ears 170
One Eye and One Leg 475
One Eye and One Arm 475
One Eye and One Hand 450*
One Eye and One Foot 400*
Two Arms (other than at shoulder) 500*
Two Hands 500*
Two Legs (prosthesis effective) 500*
Two Feet 500*
One Arm and Other Hand 500*
One Hand and One Foot 500*
One Leg and Other Foot 500*
One Leg and One Hand 500*
One Arm and One Foot 500*
One Arm and One Leg 500*
Voice Mechanism 500
Head Injuries Judgment, Entire Body
Internal Organ Judgment, Not To Exceed 500
Disfigurement or Scarring Judgment, Not To Exceed 90
Back Judgment, % of 350
Concurrent Injuries See Statute
Loss of Use of Member in Lieu of Other See Statute
Less Than Total Loss of Member Not Otherwise Compensated in Schedule See Statute
Simultaneous Injury to Two or More Parts See Statute
Loss of Industrial Use of One/Both Eyes See Statute
Burns - Whole Body 350 Weeks
        * Do Not Include Multiple Injury Factor of 15 Percent