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For more detailed information about WCRA Reimbursements, please see theĀ Claims Reference Guide.

A member should submit an initial reimbursement request to the WCRA after payments to the claimant or claimants involved in the same loss exceed the retention limit that was in effect at the time of injury.

Reimbursement requests may be submitted in the anniversary and half-year anniversary months of the date of loss (exceptions apply).

Reimbursement Requests must be submitted electronically via the WCRA Portal. To be able to report using the WCRA portal, an individual account with a username and password needs to be set up.

The following information should be provided to the WCRA:

  • Reimbursement Request Form for each occurrence.
  • If applicable, medical and rehabilitation reports.
  • Indemnity, medical, and rehabilitation payment documentation.
  • Legal documents such as Stipulations, Findings, and Orders.

The WCRA reimburses its members for 100 percent of benefits paid in accordance with the Minnesota workers’ compensation law in excess of the applicable retention limit. The WCRA is prohibited from reimbursing some claims expenses, such as penalties, interest, claim administration expenses, and employer’s liability payments.