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Overview & Training

The WCRA’s portal is used to securely exchange data with the WCRA once you have been granted access. To obtain access for the first time, click on the Request Access link below.  

Benefits of claims-related portal access: 

  • View details of member claims reported to the WCRA, including information on reimbursements paid and/or reimbursements due but not yet requested. 
  • Submit claims updates or request reimbursements. 
  • Upload requested claim listings as part of the WCRA Loss Detection process.  
  • View serious injury guidebooks about medical and rehabilitation issues for spinal cord, brain, amputations, burn injuries, chronic pain, and home health care.  
  • Access member-selected retention limits. 
  • Access WCRA calculators. 
  • Send secure messages with attachments. 
  • Receive electronic notifications for scheduled claim updates and other claims-related correspondence.

Request Access

Portal Login


Please add these email addresses to your safe sender list as they are used by the portal:


General Training

General Navigation 

How to add a new user or change user access to the WCRA portal 

How to log into the WCRA portal 

How to edit a user profile 

Login – Request Access or Forgot Password 

Reassigning Reporting Tasks 

How to access reports 


Claims Training 

How to report a new claim 

How to submit a claim update 

How to submit a reimbursement request (existing diary notification) 

How to submit an out-of-cycle claim update or reimbursement request 

How to submit a reportable file update 

How to submit a loss detection report 


Policy Training

How to complete an Experience Rating Data report

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are requesting access for the first time, use Request Access to apply.  Once approved, you will receive registration email from which you will create a password that will allow you access to those members you have been authorized to view 

Current employees of a WCRA members (insurance companies or self-insured organizations) or entities-in-interest such as net-worth employers; and/or current employees of a third-party administrator authorized to act on their behalf in specific designated roles   

In this field, please advise as to your purpose for needing access to the portal such as submitting claim updates, requesting reimbursements, viewing reported claims data, uploading claims listings as part of the loss detection process, etc.  If you know which specific member(s) you need access to, please indicate this also.   

  • If you are a current employee of a third-party administrator (TPA), you may not have been authorized to access the claims by your client, your individual profile needs to be updated, or there is not a current third-party authorization agreement on file with the WCRA. 
  • If you are a current employee of a member, your profile may need to be updated. 
  • If you change employers, you will need to resubmit a portal access application as your previous contact profile may have been removed.  
  • For all of the above situations, contact or call 651-293-0999 for assistance. 

Use the forgot password link on the portal login screen. 

Contact or call 651-293-0999

No, each portal user must have their own username and password.

Some Members outsource all or part of their WCRA reporting responsibilities to a third-party administrator (TPA)Members contracting with TPAs to work with the WCRA are required to complete a Third-Party Authorization AgreementThe agreement notifies the WCRA that a TPA is authorized to receive information and correspond with the WCRA on behalf of the MemberThe authorization also provides indemnification for the WCRA by a Member for any legal action that may arise out of or in connection with any violation of the Agreement by the TPA or its employeesThe form is available upon request from the member services department at   

Contact or call 651-293-0999