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Settling a claim with WCRA funds? Contact us first!

WCRA members are required to notify the WCRA prior to entering into Claim settlements which may involve present or future WCRA reimbursements.  Members must notify the WCRA of a proposed settlement in a timely manner so that the WCRA claims services staff has sufficient time to adequately review the proposed settlement and discuss with the Member the accuracy and reasonableness of the settlement and its potential impact on the WCRA. If a settlement involving
Association funds is executed without such notification to the Association, and the Association has no disagreement with the terms of the settlement, the Ultimate Loss shall include the entire portion of the settlement amount that satisfies the definition of Ultimate Loss. If the Association disagrees with the terms of a settlement entered into by a Member because of errors in applying the provisions of Minn. Stat. Ch. 176 in determining the settlement amount, or because it believes the settlement is excessive and materially and adversely affects the Association’s interests, Ultimate Loss shall include only that portion of the settlement amount that the Association does not dispute.

The WCRA does not attend or participate in settlement conferences or pretrial conferences, nor should the WCRA be included as a signatory on a stipulation for settlement.

For assistance in the settlement evaluation, use the WCRA’s online calculators.  For more information on settlements, please contact us for our Settlement Advisory.