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The WCRA charges annual premium each year sufficient to cover its expected reinsurance liability and associated expenses for that year.

Each member’s premium is based on the member’s Minnesota workers’ compensation exposure (exposure base) and the reinsurance rate for the retention level selected by the member. The WCRA calculates premium by multiplying each member’s exposure base by the applicable reinsurance rate.

August−September 13
Self-insurer members provide experience rating loss data for the experience modification calculation by the WCRA for use in the upcoming coverage year. Data must be reported on the WCRA experience rating reporting site annually by September 13.

The WCRA Board of Directors approves rates and retention limits for the upcoming coverage year. The Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry reviews and approves the WCRA rate filing.

October 1
Reinsurance renewal information is emailed to WCRA members, including the Retention Selection Form with which members can confirm or change the level of reinsurance coverage for the upcoming coverage year.

December 1
Retention Selection Forms must be emailed to WCRA no later than December 1. Forms emailed later than December 1 will not be considered valid, and a member’s prior year retention level will apply to the next calendar year.

January 1
Reinsurance certificates, agreements, and renewal invoices are emailed to members.

Self-insurer members electronically report payroll data to the WCRA for the previous coverage year in order to allow the revision of their reinsurance premiums from estimated to actual.

Self-insurer hybrid members electronically report payroll for two previous coverage years, and insurer members electronically report financial call information for the previous calendar year, to the WCRA.

Insurer members electronically report premium information for the previous year. The WCRA also receives copies of annual financial call information from the MWCIA. This data is used to support the revision of reinsurance premium from estimated to actual.

August 1
The WCRA completes calculations of annual adjustments. Premium notices are sent to members.