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Minnesota Websites

Minnesota Work Comp Legal Websites

  • Minnesota Statutes and Session Laws  These pages provide the Minnesota statutes governing workers’ compensation Chapter 176 and information on current legislation.
  • Minnesota Supreme Court  The site provides information about the Supreme Court, which is Minnesota’s highest appellate court.
  • LawMoose  A legal web search engine, a directory of key Minnesota legal web sites, a law-related news source, and a personalized knowledge management application rolled into one.
  • Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals  The exclusive statewide authority to decide all questions of law and fact in workers’ compensation disputes within the Minnesota jurisdiction.

National Websites

  • Rate Pro  An organization that provides comparative rating of workers’ compensation in open rated states, where the rates are not readily available from the NCCI or State Rating Board.
  • Social Security On Line  The site provides information about Social Security disability benefits and other programs run by the SSA.