Settling a claim with WCRA funds? Contact us first!

WCRA members are required to notify the WCRA prior to entering into claim settlements which may involve present or future WCRA reimbursement.  If a settlement involving WCRA funds is executed without advance notification to the WCRA, and the WCRA has no material or substantial disagreement with the terms of settlement, the WCRA will reimburse the Member for the settlement amount.  If the WCRA disagrees with the terms of a settlement entered into by a Member, either because of errors in applying the provisions of Minn. Stat. Ch 176 in calculating the settlement amount or because it believes the settlement is clearly excessive and materially affects the WCRA's interests, the WCRA will reimburse any undisputed settlement amounts. The Member may request a review of the denial of any portion of the settlement reimbursement as provided in the WCRA Plan of Operation.

The WCRA does not attend or participate in settlement conferences or pretrial conferences, nor should the WCRA be included as a signatory on a stipulation for settlement.

For assistance in the settlement evaluation, use the WCRA's calculators such as PresentValueCalc, LifeExpectancyCalc, and PPDCalc-Amount.  For more information on settlements, please read our Settlements Advisory.